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Case Studies

Every client has different health care needs.  At HNAS, we believe in taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to our client relationships. Take a look at a few samples of how we are helping our clients not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Learn how HNAS was able to help a 50 year old male reurn to full independence after his stroke.
Find out how through self-management, individuals with diabetes, asthma, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and depression can reduce their risk of serious complications, which impact quality of life and increase employer costs.
Learn how HNAS provides support for members with chronic issues or whose lifestyle puts them at risk for serious illness.
Find out how on-site screenings and education on risk factors help members make healthy changes.
Understand how phone health coaching can drive down health care costs for employers who self-fund their insurance plans.
Learn how HNAS can help members with complex health issues reduce unecessary financial burdens.
Find out how HNAS analytics team helped a key broker save time and money by creating monthly report packages and more.
Learn how HNAS's on boarding process meets and exceeds clients expectations.