Customized Plans

Learn about controlling health care costs with self-funded benefit plans, pharmacy benefits management and telehealth services.
A self-funded benefit plan controls health care costs. HNAS designs a plan for your self-insured company with pharmacy benefits management and telehealth. 

Self-Funded Benefit Plans

Learn more about self-funded health insurance benefits plans. Health benefits are vital for employers to attract and retain talented employees. That said, employers have become increasingly burdened by the affordability of benefit plans, which continue to outpace inflation. We can help you navigate this ever-changing landscape. 

We believe that an effective self-funded benefit strategy centers around three key components: 

  • The right network. Our relationships with national networks bring exceptional discounts and brand-name confidence.
  • Custom plan design. We can mirror and improve your existing plan, or work with you to create a new solution.
  • Comprehensive care management.* Wellness and disease management are critical to controlling self-funded plan costs. We have various packages to meet your needs.

Other services that bring value to your benefit plan:

  • Extensive reporting and analytics help identify cost-drivers
  • Seamless implementation simplifies the onboarding process
  • Superior customer service from our friendly, knowledgeable team
  • Eligibility management and consolidated billing reduce your administrative burden
  • Administrative and consulting services to support consumer-driven health plans
  • Ancillary plans, including life insurance, disability, dental, and vision

*HealthNow Administrative Services does not advertise, market or promote products or services to patients or practitioners involved in any of our disease management programs.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Prescription drugs play a big role in the increased cost of benefit plans. We partner with some of the nation’s leading pharmacy benefit managers to offer you competitive pricing.

Key features:

  • Substantial negotiated network discounts
  • Formulary drug programs provide financial incentives for those choosing cost-effective medications
  • Mandatory generic provisions, requiring generic substitutions, when available
  • Mandatory mail order to shift maintenance medications to a lower cost delivery method
  • Preauthorization and step therapy to ensure the appropriateness and efficacy of a particular drug therapy
  • Controls on specialty drugs and compound medications to ensure proper usage

Telehealth Services

Teladoc® gives your employees 24/7 365 days a year access to U.S. board-certified doctors through the convenience of phone, video, or mobile app visits. It's an affordable alternative to costly urgent care and ER visits when your employees need immediate care.  

Get a Customized Benefits Plan Designed for You

Control health care costs with a customized benefits plan. Learn more about HNAS self-funded benefit plans, pharmacy benefits management and telehealth services.