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Comprehensive Care

HNAS Comprehensive Care is a diversified, single-source solution that provides cost-effective health management and wellness programs for self-funded plan sponsors. Our team of case managers and health coaches work with plan participants to improve their health.

Core services:

  • Utilization Management provides medical necessity reviews for services as directed by the plan sponsor.
  • Case Management helps participants who have experienced a serious health event navigate the health care system and receive appropriate care.
  • Disease Management offers support and education for participants with chronic health issues or whose lifestyles put them at risk for serious illness.
  • Health and wellness programs provide engaging services to participants to improve their health.

Additional services:

  • On-call nurse and medical director
  • Telephonic health coaching and onsite solutions
  • Health Advocate NurseLine
  • Behavioral health case management
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Standard and custom reporting

We believe that getting and keeping employees as healthy as possible will result in long-term, overall plan savings.


HealthNow Administrative Services - Comprehensive Care

“I'm always pushing my employees to take part in health coaching, so I thought I should see what it's all about. I have to say, now I understand what all the buzz is about; my coach was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable, extremely thorough with her assessments and questions, and has made me rethink some of my bad health habits. I actually look forward to the follow-up calls so I can share my successes with her!”

                                                                                                    -Human Resources Vice President, Large Group Client (5,000+ members)

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