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When it comes to third-party administrators, essentially, there are two choices: large national TPAs or smaller regional TPAs. 

Large TPAs offer a national and often seamless network, financial stability, comprehensive core services, and technological superiority. The downside is that large TPAs can be inflexible and not fully attentive to client needs. Conversely, small TPAs provide flexibility and high-touch service, but may have outdated core services and technology. 

HealthNow Administrative Services (HNAS) offers the best of both large and small TPAs. Everything we do and every decision we make stems from the lens of what's best for the customer. That customer is you, the broker. 

At HNAS, we have one goal; to make it easy for you to sell new business and help maintain your existing clients, and that is why we created the value pyramid shown above. We believe if we are able to help you sell, retain and make your life easier, that we can help grow your business and achieve your financial goals. That's what good partners do. 

Human Resources Compliance Library: 

Would you like access to HR360, our human resources compliance library? It’s a one stop solution that streamlines your HR functions and gets you back to building your business.

To set up an account with HR360, or if you have any questions, please contact us at (877) 320-4316

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