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Seamless Implementation


H/L: How Seamless Implementation Benefits Everyone

Many businesses are making the decision to transition to a self-funded health plan because they want greater control over plan benefits and costs. As with any major change, some businesses have concerns about the time their own employees would have to devote to a conversion project. How can a company make the leap and not overburden its internal team?

At HNAS, we’ve designed our onboarding process to be comprehensive in scope but lean in client intervention. We strive to do as much of the lift as possible so that companies can remain focused on their core business. Our dedicated team works directly with brokers and their clients throughout the implementation process to make life easier for everyone.

A customized onboarding plan

Together, we’ll identify your client’s individual needs and develop a customized plan for a seamless implementation. Our dedicated team includes subject matter experts from all areas and is headed by an implementation lead.

The implementation lead acts as your point person to keep you and your client informed about milestones met and open items throughout the project. Your HNAS account management representatives are also highly involved at this stage and provide an on-site presence for your open enrollment meetings. The larger team includes experienced specialists in: plan building, claims, technology, billing and eligibility, funding, customer service, and technical writing.

Through weekly calls, the team will discuss areas where HNAS can help your client optimize configuration for their needs. We provide guidance to help create the ideal group structure that will flow through to enhanced reporting capabilities. We address how we can provide assistance with enrollment through our portal or manage a flow of data feeds from a simple eligibility exchange through consolidated billing. In developing your SBCs and SPDs, we’ll review the benefit plan for compliance and consult with you and your client accordingly.

To ensure a smooth transition, the implementation team will stay with your client beyond the “go-live” date until all processes have met quality metrics and are working as planned.

Intuitive dashboard reporting

HNAS provides dashboard reporting that gives you and your client a weekly snapshot of the progress of the plan’s implementation. The project plan and dashboard are fluid and can be updated as additional areas of configuration are identified.

The dashboard includes phases for planning, service setup, group implementation and production. The team will discuss tasks that have been completed and those that are outstanding with you and your client on weekly conference calls to ensure we are meeting milestones for a successful implementation.

Experience and attention to detail are just some of the reasons our broker partners and their clients are glad they chose HNAS as their third party administrator.

“I wanted to let you know that you and your team have been doing a wonderful job with our client, they are very pleased and so are we. Thanks for all of your hard work and attention to detail. It is a pleasure to work with you all... I spent seven years with a local TPA here in Fresno and your entire implementation team/process is impressive.”

Broker Senior Client Manager

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